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At Good Goods Store it is our mission to create products that celebrate and care for planet earth while embracing our different cultures and making our lives easier and more sustainable.

My name is Anna Malus-Kitzmann and since becoming a mom to my two daughters, creating positive change and living more sustainably has become extremely important to my family and me. We do our best every day to live more eco-consciously, especially when it comes to creating less waste.

Over three years ago I left my well-paying advertising job to pursue a dream of creating products which will help reduce waste in our world while bringing beauty, joy and easy solutions to everyone.

Long story short…after Christmas Eve in 2019 I realized our house produced two gigantic trash bags full of wrapping paper, paper gift bags and bows, etc. I cringed at what I saw and started researching how I could properly recycle all this paper and what I found out made me cringe even more.

The waste created by wrapping paper is insane! Here are just a few numbers to think about:

  • 3 million pounds each year ends up in landfills (can’t be recycled)
  • 227,000 miles of wrapping paper alone is thrown into the trash
  • millions of trees are being destroyed

But there was more. The glitter and shiny glosses that make our wrapping paper so pretty and stronger, it can never biodegrade and is extremely harmful to our soil and oceans and ultimately poisons animals and us!

I did more research and couldn’t find any solid alternative to traditional gift wrapping. There was nothing on the market made from more sustainable material or fabric bags in a larger variety of sizes.

And that’s how Good Goods reusable gift bags were born!

Made from an eco-certified fabric (a mix of bamboo rayon, organic cotton and tiny bit of spandex) our bags can be washed, dried and used many times to gift different presents, sizing from wine to larger items like shoe boxes. They come in five simple sizes, are extremely easy to use and store and are made locally in cooperation with several small businesses in the Chicago area.

In alignment to our mission, our gift bags come in minimal packaging, with all the elements being recyclable.

The Good Goods logo was designed by talented @floriane_roussel and is not just a simple logo. It represents our values, what is important to us and what we believe in:

  • Good Goods means that we create and sell products that are better for you and our planet. It also means that we believe in the goodness of this world and the people around us and represent how we conduct business - always with good in mind.
  • The circle with flowers pattern represents our planet, which is flourishing and healthy.
  • The flower pattern in the logo and on the packaging is inspired by Polish folk art (our founder is Polish) and represents the joy of life and generational wisdom of a community that is and lives close to nature.

We make everything with love for people and our planet.

With love & light,

Anna Malus-Kitzmann

Founder & CEO of Good Goods Store