Good Goods won! We won a Verizon & Luminary fellowship!

We are so honored & excited to be one of only 75 recipients of the Verizon x Luminary 2021 Fellowship!

We are a part of 75 women owned businesses who’ve won and and became a new Luminary Members.

More than 75% of businesses awarded are owned by women of color across the US.

Fellows hail from cities including NYC, Boston, Chicago, Baltimore, San Francisco, Dallas, New Orleans, Denver, Seattle, and LA, to name just a few!  

We can’t wait to see what we can accomplish and how we can grow our company in 2021 with a mentorship and network provided by Luminary & Verizon teams!

Thank you for this opportunity Verizon & Luminary!

With love & light,

Ania Malus Kitzmann

Founder of Good Goods & The Good Campaign